Prizes for BBNYA 2020

A contest isn't a contest without prizes, right? Besides the usual - honour, recognition and exposure - we have amazing things lined up for both authors and members of our panel!

Author prizes

1st place

  • A yet to be revealed BBNYA 2020 trophy.
  • An ‘Ultimate Blog Tour’ from TheWriteReads.
  • A 'Winner' BBNYA 2020 badge designed by Jenniely.
  • A 100 pound sterling Folio Society voucher.
  • A 100 euros cash prize.*

2nd to 5th place

6th to 10th place

Ultimate Blog Tour: A 10-day tour with approximately 100 bloggers participating with an average of 10 stops per day.

Standard Blog Tour: A 5-day tour with 20-50 bloggers participating with an average of 4-8 stops per day.

Mini Blog Tour: A 3-day tour with 10-15 bloggers participating with an average of 3-5 stops per day.

Any and all prizes are per novel, not per author. If a novel has more than one writer, they have to share their novel's prize among themselves. Length (in days) of blogtours are negotiable, the number of bloggers per tour are approximations, actual numbers may vary. Reviews on blogtours are from real people and are honest (i.e some reviews may be negative).

*The cash prize will be awarded as Paypal balance. Other safe money transfers may be discussed at the time of awarding the prize.

Prizes for the BBNYA 2020 panel

We will have Folio Society vouchers to raffle away to our panel! More info on how many vouchers and their value will come over time!