COVID-19: What does it mean for BBNYA 2020?

Covid-19 is not expected to have any significant effect on the running of BBNYA 2020. The entire award is run digitally and via the internet, meaning everyone can do their parts safely from home. We do not see any reason to cancel or delay anything related to this award.

We will keep monitoring how the situation develops globally. Health and safety is our priority. This means that we cannot rule out any possibility for delays or change of plans because of COVID-19 and the direct effects because of it. We will have to adapt to anything that's happening as it's happening.

It is possible members of both our panel and our team become quarantined, sick, have to work more as their job is essential (doctors, nurses, supermarket employees, etc.), or are otherwise unable to do their task because of COVID-19 or the directs effects of it. This means we cannot guarantee the exact number of panel members that are judging any given round. We'll make sure that everything stays fair, but we simply cannot guarantee exact numbers as it's outside of our power. We ask for your understanding.

We will make sure to share any and all important updates on our News-page and on our Twitter page.

We want to thank everyone in advance for their patience and understanding. For any further questions, contact us:

Last updated: March 15, 2020 19:00 GMT