Frequently Asked Questions

All questions we get asked frequently or we expect to be asked more than once are listed below.

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Q: Does the award have categories?

A: No. BBNYA does not have categories. All entries are competing against eachother, regardless of genre or target audience.

Q: I feel like my novel would be a good contender in one category, but not against certain other categories, especially it comes down to personal preference.  How will this be done?

A: We trust our panel to judge books based on their qualities and shortcomings and acknowledge if a book is good or not, regardless of their personal preference.

Q: I made a mistake when entering my novel or applying to be a panelist, what should I do?

A: Please email us at bbnyaofficial@gmail.com with the correction. You do not need to submit a second entry.

Entry requirements

Q: My novel is only available on Amazon. Is that okay?

A: Yes, novels don't have to be available on multiple retailers as long as it's available for purchase at the moment of entering. 

Q: I only have the ebooks of my novel only available in one file type. Is that okay?

A: No. We want to supply our panel with the file type of choice (PDF, ePUB, etc.) to make sure it works on their ebook device of choice. There are easy and free file conversion tools available online. You can contact us if you need help.

Q: I am from <insert country name>. Can I still enter?

A: We have no geographical restrictions for entering BBNYA.

Q: I wrote prequel for my series, but it can be read as a standalone. Is this book eligible?

A: The reason we ask for book one in a series or a standalone is to make sure our panelists can read the book without needing any prior knowledge and judge the book properly. If this is the case for the prequel, it's eligible to enter.

Q: My book is translated in another language and published in that country. Is this book still eligible to enter?

A: As long as the book has a version in English, whether it was originally written that way or translated, that is either self-published or published through a small, indie press, it's eligible as that is the version you are entering with.

Q: The book I am entering is written by multiple authors, is that okay?

A: Yes, that is okay. As long as the book and both authors meet the requirements, the book is eligible. We do have to say that any prizes won are per novel and not per author, so you will have to share them. It's also important to note that any of the authors of this book cannot enter a book of their own or one they have written with other authors this year besides the one you mentioned, as the mentioned book already counts as one (1) entry for the authors, nor is the book eligible if any of the authors already submitted a novel written by them.

The rounds of the competition and related topics

Q: For the excerpts for round one and two, do they have to be 2,000 and 10,000 words exactly?

A: No. The closest paragraph end is fine. For example: If there is a paragraph end at 1985 and at 2,017, you go for the 985 mark as that's closer to 2,000.

Q: Do chapter titles and the title of the book count for the maximum amount of words for the excerpts?

A: No, only the words of the actual story count for the maximum amount of words. 

Q: Where should the excerpt start?

A: The first page of your story. 

Q: Do the excerpts have to include the cover of the book?

A: No, they do not.


Q: Why is there an administration fee?

A: We don't get any external financing, but hosting this competition still costs a lot of money. Using the administration fee we cover all our costs and everything left over from one year will be used in the next.

Q: Do you accept credit card payment for the administration fee?

A: No, we only accept Paypal. However, you can add balance to your Paypal with credit card or connect your credit card to your account.

Q: If you win the competition, one of the prizes is a cash prize. How will I receive that?

A: The cash prize will be awarded as Paypal balance. Any other safe transferring options can be discussed at the time of awarding the prizes.


Q: I do not want the blog tour that is part of my prize. Is it possible to get a money prize instead?

A: No. The blog tours are a sponsored prize by The Write Reads, so we aren't offering money as an alternative prize. Winners do have all the right to deny their blog tour prize.

Q: Is it possible to exchange the Folio Society giftcard for cash?

A: No. The giftcards are a sponsored prize by Folio Society, so we aren't offering money as an alternative prize. Winners do have all the right to deny their giftcard prize.

Q: The book I submitted was written by multiple authors. Are the prizes per author or per novel?

A:  The prizes featured are per novel.