2024 Panelist Sign-up

BBNYA 2024 Panelist Sign-Ups Are Open!

Thank you for showing interest in becoming one of the panelists for the Book Blogger Novel of the Year Award 2024!

Every kind of book blogger is welcome to apply to join our panel. We will go through every application and will send you more info when we have it. Make sure to add our email (bbnyaofficial@gmail.com) to your contacts so it doesn't land in your spam.

1. Read the Terms & Conditions below. These are listed at the bottom of this page and on the  sign-up form itself.

2. Fill in the official sign-up form below fully and truthfully.

3. We will send a confirmation email with more information, relevant links and the official 2024 Panelist badge for you to use (if you want, this is optional).

4. That's it! You are now officially a panelist for BBNYA 2024!

Everyone who signs up will be part of the panel, unless special circumstances occur. Authors who are submitting a novel cannot be a panelist, and panelists who have dropped out of previous BBNYA competitions may be denied. 

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Folio Voucher Giveaway

We're so excited that The Folio Society are on board again this year! Once again, we have a ton of vouchers available for our panelists to win!

Terms & Conditions of becoming a panelist

As a panelist, we expect you to:

In return, you will get:

*These expectations are in place to ensure smooth contact between you, the panelist, and us, the team. We will be able to tackle every problem or hurdle that comes up, so please don't worry about any of those, but we require you to let us know. Contacting can be through email (bbnyaofficial@gmail.com) or sending a DM to our Twitter (@BBNYA_Official).